PSRM to EU Ambassadors: Preserving Peace Is a Top Priority

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The Party of Socialists leadership met with heads of the European Union member states’ diplomatic missions in Moldova on Tuesday. The parties discussed a wide range of issues, including the current socio-economic climate in the country and growing tensions over security issues in Moldova, reports. The meeting was attended by the PSRM Executive Secretary and Deputy Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, Vlad Batrincea, the Bloc of Communists and Socialists faction head Zinaida Greceanii, as well as PSRM Executive Committee members Olga Cebotari and Maxim Lebedinschi. The PSRM representatives noted that in order to stabilize the situation in the country it is necessary to comply unconditionally with the principles of the rule of law and the Constitution, putting aside personal and group political interests. PSRM stands for a sovereign and united country and for maintaining Moldova’s permanent neutrality. Vlad Batrincea stressed that the preservation of peace and unity of the country today is the main priority of the PSRM and the main request of citizens. Zinaida Grecianii said that the parliament should become an example of cooperation and collaboration in the most important decisions for the future of the country, noting that today the society unfortunately sees only disunity and confrontation. Olga Cebotari said that the PSRM is in favour of continuing cooperation both with EU and CIS and accepts only the integration openness for economic development which is supported by the majority of the citizens. Maxim Lebedinschi informed the delegates of diplomatic missions that the neutral status of the Republic of Moldova is a legal rather than a political issue, which is not only reflected in Article 11 of the Constitution, but also represents a conscious and long term choice of the Moldovan people. Concluding the meeting, the parties noted the positive effect of the dialogue of the diplomatic missions with the opposition and agreed to continue such exchanges.