The War in Ukraine to Become a Major Topic of the G20 Meeting

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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will be the focus of the G20 meeting in New Delhi, the Indian foreign minister said. He said that economic ramifications of the war would also be given close attention. The Russia-Ukraine conflict will be one of the main topics of discussion at the G20 (G20) foreign ministers’ meeting, but equally close attention will be paid to the economic challenges amid the war in Ukraine, Indian Foreign Minister Vinay Kwatra said in New Delhi on Wednesday, March 1. “Given the nature and development of the situation in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, this will be an important topic of discussion, but due attention will also be given to issues related to food, energy and fertilizer security, the implications of the conflict on the economic challenges we face,” Kwatra explained. Ministers from 40 countries The G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in New Delhi will start in the evening with a welcoming dinner, and the main discussions will take place on March 2. The meeting will be attended by ministers from 40 countries, including Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang. The conference in New Delhi comes a few days after the meeting in Bangalore, India, of the G20 finance ministers, which was also overshadowed by Russia’s war against Ukraine.