Nosatii Answers What Will Happen to Transdniestria If Ukraine Wins

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Defense Minister Anatol Nosatii was asked what the state and the army would do with Transdniestria if Ukraine wins the war with Russia and Tiraspol leaders leave the region. “When we, the military, make plans, we always use the most difficult scenario as a basis. This is the optimistic scenario. For many years Moldova has had the desire to reintegrate the country, and it should be done peacefully, through multilateral dialogue, with due regard for all the needs of the citizens of both banks of the Dniester, because they are all our citizens. There is a state strategy for reintegration. These reintegration plans have been brought up since the early 2000s, I was involved in drafting these plans, and from my personal experience I say that the main scenario to follow is the demilitarization of this territory. It is clear that we are not talking about the Russian forces, they are illegally deployed on the territory of Moldova and must be removed as soon as possible and unquestionably,” the defense minister said on the air of a program on JurnalTV. The Minister also added that the Russian-owned arms depot in Colbasna must be removed. But this should be done based on the analysis – “what can be removed should be removed, and what is dangerous for removal should be destroyed in accordance with the established procedure, ensuring the safety of the environment and citizens.”