Chicu: What Police Authorities Did Yesterday Was a Crime

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Former Prime Minister Ion Chicu criticized actions by the police authorities at yesterday’s protests calling them “criminal.” In particular, Chicu was confused by a video circulated in social media showing a man dressed in plain clothes, with his face covered, standing next to law enforcement officers, when asked about the purpose of his participation in the protest, answered in English that he did not speak Romanian, reports “They don’t speak Romanian. They are in charge of “smashing heads against the pavement.” When a criminal regime resorts to the services of mercenaries to protect itself from the people, the situation gets serious. I pointed out from the very beginning that the ‘Soros’ protests have only one goal: to entrench the foreign dictatorship in Chisinau. We will never side with those who, with the then government, including the holy Sandu, stole the airport and 14 billion from the National Bank in 2013-2014. But what the police authorities did yesterday is a crime for which they will have to answer. If the Russians meddle in here, they say in PAS to act as a state institution, fight with them, not with the people. You’ve been arresting organizers of protests funded by Sor for a year now. And where are those arrested? Why are they again with a bag of money the day after their arrest paying again for ‘destabilization’? Undoubtedly, Maia Sandu is ready to set this country on fire, just to stay in power. Do the national police leaders understand this? Do they realize that they have become accomplices of the criminal regime?” Chicu posted on social networks. ISU spokeswoman Diana Fetco explained for Stiri that the men in the video were police officers. “Operational units with special status were also present at the rally, whose officers were in plain clothes,” Fetco commented. When asked by reporters why one of the officers said he did not speak Romanian, Fetco said they were performing their duties and she could provide no other details. As a reminder, yesterday, March 12, several thousand people participated in rallies in Chisinau. The protesters demanded that the government compensate the citizens for the costs of public utilities for the winter months. The head of the ISP, Viorel Cernauțeanu, said that the Russian Federation was involved in staging mass demonstrations of the opposition.