Grosu: EU Civil Mission to Offer Security Advice to Chisinau Authorities

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The European Union Civilian Mission, to be deployed in the Republic of Moldova, will advise the Chisinau authorities in the field of security, which is essential in the context of constant threats on the national borders. This was stated by the chairman of Parliament, Igor Grosu, during the La 360 de grade program on our radio station. According to the official, the mission will work within the Security Center created last year in Moldova, reports. Igor Grosu said the Moldovan authorities managed to convince the European partners to invest in the country’s security potential in order to foresee and prevent illegal actions at the border. “We have 1,200 kilometers of border with Ukraine. Of course, when there is a cataclysm, there are bad guys who take this opportunity to smuggle something and so on across the border. We want this physical hub to be established here in the Republic of Moldova, for the European Union member states to deploy their representatives, for them to be here all the time, to be in contact with our authorities. When a situation arises, people should themselves contact the MIA from home to report a name or a situation, regardless of whether the information is confirmed or not. This will help us become more credible to our European partners, to the European Union, it will show that, yes, the Republic of Moldova takes border security very seriously,” Igor Grosu said. The German newspaper Die Welt recently reported on the European Union’s intention to send a social mission to Moldova. According to the cited source, diplomats expect the new mission to start its work this summer. In addition, the EU wants to send experts to advise the authorities in Chisinau on combating cyber-attacks and disinformation. Recall that the Security Center of the European Union in the Republic of Moldova was established on July 11, 2022 in Prague, where the first meeting took place. According to officials, the Republic of Moldova approved the first national firearms focal point concept in six months of the Hub's existence, arresting 12 criminals. At the same time, data exchange with Europol increased by more than 25 percent.