Hogan: Russia to Continue Destabilization in Moldova

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Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Dereck J. Hogan said that destabilizing actions in Moldova are not surprising and that Russia will continue to adhere to such tactics. “Our approach to these challenges focuses on three aspects. First, to share the information we have with the Moldovan government. It is crucial that they know the same thing that we do when it comes to what Russia is planning; this is the same approach, which we used in relation to Ukraine after the Russian invasion. Secondly, to make public what Russia is trying to do so that the whole world is aware of the real Russian intentions in Moldova, as well as in other countries. Thirdly, let us support the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Moldovan people. Russia will continue to pursue such tactics, but we do not see an immediate danger emanating from Transnistria, and we believe that the exchange of information with the Moldovan government, public exposure of Russia’s actions and continued support for Moldova constitute a solid foundation,” Derek Hogan said at a meeting with journalists in Romania, writes digi24.ro He also mentioned the support to Moldova for USD 320 million in economy, energy, and humanitarian aid. “We are working with the US Congress to unlock another USD 300 million for Moldovan energy branch. This, along with what Romania is doing in this area, convinces the government and the Moldovan people that we all stay with them,” the former US Ambassador in Chisinau said.