Ilan Sor, Dictator Wants Weapons and NATO, and People Want to Get Out of Debt

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The Sor Party leader Ilan Sor welcomed the courage of people who come out to the protests arranged by the party at the initiative of the Movement for the People, “despite the obstacles, manipulations and abuses” inflicted by the authorities. “On the one hand, the usurper regime is becoming more and more cruel, on the other hand, people’s patience is running out. This is because the tyrant and the people live in parallel worlds. One revels in luxury and lives in the illusion of own greatness, the other struggles in poverty and despair. The abyss grows, and one no longer hears the other. The dictator wants weapons and NATO, and the people want the regime to pay the bills in order to get out of debt, in order to survive. A full belly is a happy belly,” Sor wrote on his Telegram channel, as reports. According to the politician, “this regime is so perverted that it begins to take pleasure in violence against those it oppresses.” “Maia Sandu went from robbing the people to bullying them. <...> She not only sent the police today to prevent people from going to the demonstration and expressing their opinion, but also set her bald provocateurs on them. Well, who is the saboteur in this country? The masks have been thrown off, the abyss is deepening, the struggle continues!” Ilan Sor summed up. At the time of writing this news, no comments on Ilan Sor’s statements were shared by the press services of the Police, the Government, the President’s Office and the PAS.