Popsoi: Nothing Can Ensure Moldova’s Security Better than NATO

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Deputy Speaker Mihai Popşoi and a representative of the PAS party made this statement noting that “we do not have enough votes in Parliament to change the neutral status of Moldova, as stipulated in the Constitution”. “We can’t do that now, but what we can do, and are doing, is that we have opened a public debate to critically assess the real security guarantees a neutral status can give Moldova. And I am sure that no one can better provide security for any country in the Euro-Atlantic region than NATO. And this applies to Moldova as well,” Popsoi said, infotag.md reports. He regretted that Moldovan citizens had lived under the influence of Russian propaganda for 30 years, and now it is very difficult to break through this wall of misunderstanding. “That’s why we started these public discussions, so that citizens could assess other options for security (besides neutrality), including possible NATO membership. But unfortunately, recent polls show that support for such a move is only about 30%. And so we have a lot of work to do if we want to overcome the impact of the 30 years of propaganda,” Popsoi said.