Popsoi: Hopefully, this year the European Union will support our efforts

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The co-chairmen of the Moldova-European Union Parliamentary Association Committee, Mihail Popsoi and Siegfried Muresan, said in Brussels that the Republic of Moldova and the EU are cooperating more closely than ever. The deputy speaker of the Moldovan parliament, Mihail Popsoi, spoke about the achievements the Chisinau authorities have in implementing the EU recommendations, as well as the difficulties they face, moldpres.md reports. “We can hope that this year the European Union will support our efforts, especially with regard to the start of accession negotiations. Despite the sabotage we see in Chisinau, we have a strong majority in Parliament and a clear vision of what we need to do, and we have the support of our friends in the European Union, both bilaterally and multilaterally. Which allows us to proceed with important reforms. We have undertaken to strengthen democracy in Moldova, to offer citizens the rules and values of democracy for which they voted. I thank the European Union member states, the European taxpayers for their generosity and for helping the people of Moldova through these difficult times. Our Parliament, our state will continue to achieve the goals for which we were elected by our citizens, with European integration as a key objective”, Popsoi said. The 13th meeting of the Moldova-EU Parliamentary Association Committee was scheduled for Thursday at the European Parliament. The Chisinau delegation was composed of CPA RM-UE co-chair Mihail Popsoi and MPs Olesea Stamate and Ina Coseru, as well as members of the CPA RM-UE.