Mircea Geoana: Moldova Attempts to Overthrow the Elected Democratic Regime

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Russia is lacking resources to reach Odessa, Transnistria and close the loop, while NATO does not see the risk of an imminent military attack on the Republic of Moldova, Mircea Geoana said in an interview for TVR INFO. “It does not mean that the Russian Federation does not use, as we say, the full range of tools and tactics for a hybrid war against the Republic of Moldova,” the NATO representative said, stressing “intense activities” in the Republic of Moldova to overthrow the elected democratic regime, radiomoldova.md reports. “An attempt to overthrow the elected democratic regime is an active operation, the mobilization of political forces in the Republic of Moldova, communication, disinformation, lies are used in the Republic of Moldova on a very large scale,” NATO Deputy Secretary General said. Mircea Geoana mentioned the statement by President of Moldova Sandu on the neutral status and defensibility of the Republic of Moldova. “It is true that the Republic of Moldova is not a state that wants to join NATO, like, for example, Ukraine or Georgia, because of its neutral status stipulated in the Constitution, which we respect. But, as President Maia Sandu said, being neutral is not means to be weak militarily. That is why, under the umbrella of sustainability, we are stepping up our support for the Republic of Moldova, the country which is so close to Romania, and all of us. It is a common partner of NATO and the European Union, and therefore this partnership is crucial. In fact, the European Union (...) declared the Republic of Moldova a candidate for accession – this is an extremely important moment,” Mircea Geoana said. According to Mircea Geoana, “Russia is extremely aggressive, it is clear that we are talking about domain; it sees the Republic of Moldova, it sees Ukraine, it sees Georgia, Belarus, the Caucasus as areas of own influence, and what I said about Ukraine is also true for the Republic of Moldova. The Republic of Moldova is the only one that can decide its future.” NATO Deputy Secretary General also made a direct statement in this context. “I hope that the people of the Republic of Moldova, regardless of ethnicity, political preferences, regardless of whether they are in the Republic of Moldova or in the expat community, that they, like the Romanians (...), decided to go to a better life, understood that staying in the gray zone of Europe is an invitation to aggression and poverty. They have to decide, and I think the best solution is to come to a civilized, democratic and prosperous Europe. It is a shame for the country that the Republic of Moldova is the poorest in Europe, when it could be next to Romania, next to other European partners, a democratic, prosperous country that can enjoy what peace and prosperity mean,” Mircea Geoana said.