Filat: PAS and Maia Sandu as Its Head Were Created by Plahotniuc

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“It was Vladimir Plahotniuc, not me, who created the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS),” Vlad Filat, former prime minister and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM), said. On Tuesday night on TVC-21, he said that “before PAS entered the national political scene, Plahotniuc destroyed the Party of Communists, the Party of Socialists and the Liberal Party,” reports. “Had I (as a politician) not been destroyed, PAS would have never emerged,” said Filat. He believes that “Plahotniuc took his body and PAS – his soul”. “The PLDM was destroyed not in a political struggle, but by the actions of prosecutors and courts,” Filat said. He said he has not decided yet whether he will run for the PLDM presidency at the May 27 congress, but in any case he will not be “an outside observer of what is happening in Moldova.” “The situation in our country is very bad. I would not like to dramatize it, but the current government must understand that the country needs a healthy opposition, as well as objective criticism of the government,” he believes. According to Filat, sooner or later, but someone in Moldova will be held responsible for the excessively high tariffs for natural gas this winter. “We had the most expensive gas in the world, when citizens had to pay a tariff of almost 30 lei per cubic meter. Now, in May, they can make us happy by cutting it to 17 lei, when the volume of gas consumption will fall to a minimum,” said Filat, who believes that the authorities were obliged to import gas under more acceptable terms for Moldova. The politician says that everyone in the country needs to unite to solve the acute problem of depopulation. “If previously residents of free economic zones attracted workers in a radius of 60 kilometers, today they are doing it with difficulty in a radius of 90 kilometers,” he noted.