Vlad Batrincea – a Possible PSRM Candidate for Chisinau Mayor

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Vlad Batrincea, executive secretary of the Socialist Party and vice-speaker of Chisinau may run against his former party colleague for the position of Chisinau mayor. Such a possibility was reported by BCS MP Vasile Bolea. He noted that the issue was discussed in the political party, tv8.md reports. Vlad Batrincea was mentioned as the most likely candidate for the position of the capital's general mayor at the last party congress a month ago. Earlier, Igor Dodon did not rule out that he might run for the position of mayor, but, according to Vasile Bolea, the socialists did not discuss Dodon’s candidacy for this position. So far, only the incumbent mayor, former Socialist Ion Ceban, has announced his plans to run for a second term. Vasile Bolea also denied rumors that he might be the next person to leave the Socialist Party, but made it clear that the impending elections in the Gagauz autonomous region heated up things within the PSRM. General local elections are scheduled for this fall. The exact date is not known yet, but they are expected to be held on October 29 or November 5. Ion Ceban became mayor of Chisinau in 2019 as a PSRM candidate. Later, he announced he was suspending his party membership as he wanted to be an “apolitical” mayor. In January, Ceban registered his political party, the National Alternative Movement.