Mircea Geoana: NATO to Deepen Relations Insofar as Moldova Willing

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The North Atlantic Alliance is ready to go as far as the Republic of Moldova is willing to go in relations with NATO, Deputy Secretary General of NATO Mircea Geoana declared. NATO has long passed the Partnership for Peace stage in relations with the Republic of Moldova, Mircea Geoana said in an interview with Agerpres after the meeting of the Alliance’s foreign ministers, held on Tuesday and Wednesday. “Moldova has been our partner for several decades and, apparently, the comprehension of the sad reality where Russia is a very aggressive country, using military force against its neighbours, made it come up with even more ambitious proposals for an already existing partnership with NATO and the EU,” NATO Deputy Secretary General said. “Our focus is this package of defense and resilience capabilities that Moldova has presented to us as an organization, to the allied states at the bilateral level, the European Union, the EU member states at the bilateral level and the joint NATO-EU Partnership for the Republic of Moldova, and even our foreign ministers emphasized the need for extended, practical, financial and political support for Moldova and other partners under increasing pressure from the Russian Federation,” Mircea Geoana added.