PAS Stands Up for Spinu: He Is a Key Member of the Party Leadership

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PAS party representatives issued a press release in support of former Infrastructure Minister Andrei Spinu. PAS stated that their vice-chairman “has recently fallen victim to filthy slander and lies from fugitives and criminal gangs affiliated with the Kremlin. The party stressed that Andrei Spinu is a key member of the leadership of the Action and Solidarity Party and played an important role in the 2020 and 2021 election victories. “As a branch minister in the Gavrilita government, Mr. Spinu played a key role in strengthening Moldova’s energy independence and brilliantly overcoming the unprecedented Russian energy blackmail to which our country was subjected during the last two winters. We strongly condemn these attempts to smear our colleague. Andrei Spinu will continue to have a major role in our country’s efforts to join the EU in the shortest possible time. Justice reform will continue and will be accomplished. Our resolve is to cleanse the system of corrupt elements generated by past oligarchic regimes,” the PAS said in a statement. Earlier, the National Anticorruption Center (NACC) reported that it was examining the appeal of the Prosecutor General’s Office about alleged bank accounts abroad belonging to former Infrastructure Minister Andrei Spinu. In the fall of 2022, Ilan Shor accused Spinu of having accounts abroad that allegedly held 43 million euros and dollars. The ex-minister dismisses these accusations.