Mircea Geoana: RM Can Stay Neutral but Great in Arms

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NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana believes that Moldova should strengthen its defense and national security potential. In his opinion, it is possible to remain a neutral state, but great in arms. “It is very important that during this period Moldova strengthens, within its limits, its defense capability and national security potential. It is possible to ensure that Moldova, while remaining neutral, does not stay weak. Until yesterday, Finland was a neutral country and had a formidable army. Switzerland is neutral country and has an exceptional defense capability. That’s why you can remain neutral if you want and be stronger militarily,” Mircea Geoana said in an interview with ProTV. According to Mircea Geoana, the people and leadership of Moldova will decide whether our country will renounce its neutrality. "Every European country and every state globally have the sovereign right to choose the only direction to move. Therefore, if the Republic of Moldova wants to remain neutral, this is its decision. If Moldova wants to go to Europe or change its direction, this is, again its decision. We defend the principle that brute force cannot be used to encroach on the territory of an independent country, as in the case of Ukraine,” Mircea Geoana said. The Deputy Secretary General of NATO said that Moldova has every chance to become a member of NATO when conditions allow and if it wants to, even having a frozen conflict on its territory. “I see that the EU has invited the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to get candidate status. I think this is a very important thing. I think that the pro-European path of Moldova is the right direction. It will also bring prosperity, even greater security, and if and when we reach other discussions regarding the future security configuration of the Republic of Moldova, we will discuss this when the country makes such a decision.” Until then, according to Mircea Geoana, NATO will help the Republic of Moldova, observing the neutrality prescribed in its Constitution. According to Mircea Geoana, Moldova is a common partner of NATO and the EU, and non-lethal partially funded aid is being discussed at the moment. “We are helping Moldova because assistance is needed now and we will see what strategic configuration our continent will have when the war in Ukraine ends, and I am convinced that Ukraine’s victory will have positive consequences for Moldova and Georgia, but also for NATO in overall,” the Deputy Secretary General of NATO concluded.