Cheptonar: Shor’s Seized Assets Worth 5 Billion Lei May Become State’s Property

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PAS deputy Andrian Cheptonar believes that the decision of the Court of Appeal to finally sentence the fugitive deputy Ilan Shor to 15 years in prison is late but welcomed. At the same time, the MP said, another important point is that, along with the imprisonment, the seized assets worth about 5 billion may become the property of the state, reports. “The ruling is rather late but still the right one. Most important is that the court, in addition to many years in prison, ordered the confiscation of the property of about $ 5 billion, which was arrested. All of this property may go into state ownership, so the budget will be replenished,” said the deputy. Cheptonar also responded to comments by Ilan Shor that the court’s decision left him indifferent and that he was not going to comply with it. Moreover, Shor expressed confidence that “the verdict will be reversed the day after the current regime changes.” “This basically shows that Shor has a motivation to enter the Kremlin’s service and orchestrate these paid protests. His goal was to topple the government that is fighting the thieves so that he could establish his own political regime and avoid being punished. He stole a billion from the people, wanted to pay part of that billion to the citizens to help him, through protests, to overthrow the government, so that he could go unpunished for his theft. People should understand that the 400 lei they take for protesting is actually a payment and donation to save the thief from jail, and that they were manipulated and exploited,” said PAS deputy Adrian Cheptonar.