PAS on Ceban’s Proposal: Defacing Idea of Joining EU

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The MAN Party, led by Mayor Ion Ceban, proposes to sign the “Chisinau Pact”, similar to the “Snagov Pact” (a document uniting all Romanian political forces to join the EU). At today’s press conference, Ion Ceban shared this draft pact and said that the MAN Party will send it for consultation to all decision makers, parties, accredited missions, and civil society. The PAS Party commented on this initiative, accusing the mayor of “willing to deface the idea of joining the EU. “Ion Ceban handed over a detailed plan with the location of the strategic institutions in Chisinau municipality to a Russian company, which also employs FSB agent Yuri Gudilin. The person who advised Ceban during the 2019 election campaign. Now he is implementing the Russians’ plan to smear the European path of the Republic of Moldova. Ion Ceban has been protesting for years against the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union, and seeing that accession is approaching, he wants to undermine credibility in the idea of joining the EU and tries to involve us in the Russian game. The people of the Republic of Moldova have long expressed their desire to join the EU, and this was demonstrated during the 2020 president elections and the 2021 parliamentary elections,” the PAS Party said in a statement.