Moldova Accusing Russian Military of Violating Security Zone Regime

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Representatives of Chisinau in the Joint Control Commission (JCC) reported on a recent case of violation in the Security Zone by Russian Forces as part of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces. According to the statement, the incident occurred on April 19, at 4:53 AM, near the Peacekeeping Checkpoint No. 9 (left) near the Vadul-lui-Voda Bridge, as reports. “The situation around the Peacekeeping Checkpoint No. 9 (left) near ​​the Vadul-lui-Voda Bridge on April 19, 2023 is to be highlighted. Another unauthorized motion of armored vehicles was recorded (at 4:53 AM) to the Pirita Customs and Police Checkpoint and back in a convoy including the BTR-60 armored personnel carrier and the Ural military truck transporting a group of soldiers wearing neck face masks, not from the staff of the Peacekeeping Checkpoint No. 9 (right and left). The uncoordinated and even unannounced military motion, including armored vehicles, caused confusion among the customs and police officers, and taking into account the fact that the BTR barrel was directed towards this Checkpoint, the actions of the Russian peacekeepers were perceived as a possible assault and became the reason for raising the alarm of the police units in the Central Section of the Security Zone,” the message says. The delegation of the Republic of Moldova deems this disregard for the documents of the peacekeeping mission as provocative and calls on the military task force of the Russian Federation to refrain from destabilizing steps and contribute to maintaining peace on both banks of the Dniester. As previously reported, the statement by JCC representatives of Chisinau reported violations of the Security Zone Regime committed by the Russian military as part of the Combined Peacekeeping Forces (CPF). Similar cases of uncoordinated transporting of armored military equipment outside the CPF operation area were recorded in February to April 2023.