National Union Council Calls on Decent People to Take Part in the National Assembly on May 21

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The National Union Council call on decent people to participate in the European Moldova National Assembly convened by President Maia Sandu on May 21. The meeting will demand the floor to propose legal reunification with Romania. “I will submit, as Chair of the National Union Council, a request to give me the floor at this National Assembly to express my opinion on holding a vote for the unification in a legal way. National, territorial, linguistic, cultural unification, no matter. The main thing, it should be legal. That is, the full implementation of the Declaration of Independence with ceased consequences of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact for Bessarabia, the current Republic of Moldova, South Bessarabia, Northern Bukovina and the Hertsa Region, with the start of the procedure at the international level,” Council Chair Alexandru Arseni said at the IPN press conference. “We call on all people of good will, like your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents came on August 27, 1990, and voted for independence, let’s vote now,” Alexandru Arseni added. At the same time, he announced petitions to include the issue of recognizing the national and territorial association in the agenda of the summit of heads of state and prime ministers, convened on June 1. Gheorghe Vita, Vice-Chair of the National Union Council, noted that from the moment of independence, the Republic of Moldova has remained under the yoke of the Russian Empire. And this is because the country is still dependent on this empire today. “Today we must clearly state what we want. According to the latest polls, 51% of the population of the Republic of Moldova wants the reunification. For 31 years we are still trying to build a state, and we cannot do it in any way,” Gheorghe Vita said. “Now, at the Grand National Assembly on May 21, 2023, I call on all of you – unionists, non-unionists, Romanian nationals, and those who do not have Romanian citizenship – to come to the Great National Assembly Square with one slogan: “National Unification”, Gheorghe Vita added. A member of the National Union Council Ion Iliciuc said that today the territory of the country must be secured. The Republic of Moldova and Romania have neither language, nor visa barriers. And today it’s time to take another step after the Romanian language was included in the Constitution. After all, language is the foundation, the basis for the existence of the state. The National Union Council recalled April 27, 1990, when the “Parliament of Independence” adopted the official flag. According to them, this symbol was not only legislated, but was also laid in the foundation for de facto and de jure national and territorial reunification with Romania. According to it, the tricolor, along with the anthem and the state language, is a national symbol. And this land should have no signs that totalitarian regimes are trying to impose. The Council has required the Constitutional Court to review its recent ruling allowing the use of the St. George Ribbon.