Moldovan Parliament Stripped Sor Party Leader of His Deputy Mandate

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The Moldovan Parliament has approved the decision to remove the mandate of deputy chairman of the opposition party Sor Ilan Sor. During the meeting of the legislature 56 deputies endorsed the decision. The session was broadcast on the parliament’s YouTube page. “It is established that the deputy mandate of Ilan Sor has been terminated. The mandate of the deputy from the Sor faction is declared vacant,” Igor Grosu announced. This morning, Ilan Sor published in his Telegram channel the agenda of the meeting of the parliamentary legal committee. The document stated that the parliament would consider depriving him of his parliamentary mandate. “Since the mandate was entrusted to me by the people, and only the people, the people who voted for me, can decide on the termination of this status. According to the ECHR, the deputy’s mandate cannot be revoked until all domestic remedies have been used in the case in which I am put on trial by order of the regime,” he wrote. On April 13 the judges of the Court of Appeal sentenced Mr. Sor to 15 years in prison. The investigation considers him the organizer of an illegal scheme used to withdraw $1 billion from Moldovan banks. The politician said that he was not going to obey the court’s decision. Since 2019, Mr. Sor is in Israel, and in Moldova he has already been elected twice as a member of parliament on the list of his party. He is on the international wanted list. In May, the Constitutional Court of Moldova plans to consider banning the Sor party due to its non-transparent financing.