Sandu: June 1 to Switch Moldova from a Grey and Unknown Zone to the Center of Europe

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According to the head of state, the event will discuss issues related to war and peace, the future of Europe and its citizens, as well as Moldova’s future as a European state. “Moldova is winning the respect of more and more countries of the world and is seen as an equal partner. The historic event in our country on June 1 will bring Moldova to the negotiating table of European states, a place deserved by our citizens. On June 1, our country will host a summit of the European political community, a symbolic moment that represents both international recognition for our country and a great responsibility,” the president said. Maia Sandu noted that the European Political Community is a forum created last year, where European leaders discuss solutions to Europe’s most pressing problems, such as security, stability and energy sustainability. “On June 1, in the village of Bulboaka, at the Castel Mimi wine complex, our country will have the honor to host for the first time some 50 heads of state and government from Europe and European Union officials. We will discuss urgent issues related to war and peace, the future of Europe, the future of the 750 million people working on the European continent. I also mean the future of the Republic of Moldova as a European country that has firmly chosen its path to the EU. We are working to that end. We want to be an integral part of the European market, to sell more and more Moldovan products in EU countries, to join the European transport network so that Moldovans can travel easier, cheaper and faster. We want to contribute to a closer and more stable Europe,” Sandu said. The head of state stressed that the Moldovan authorities want to demonstrate that we are a reliable partner, ready to play an active role in fostering unity and security on the European continent. “For us, the citizens of Moldova, the summit is of great importance. It is an international recognition and an opportunity to strengthen our ties with European countries with the free world. It is also a very clear signal that Moldova is not alone. The presence of 50 European leaders in Bulboaca clearly demonstrates that Moldova has numerous and influential friends who support us in our efforts to maintain peace and stability  at home, in the region and throughout the European continent. In these difficult times, as Russia continues to wage an inhuman war against Ukraine, the diplomatic support for this event is invaluable. European countries will under no circumstances give up on the Republic of Moldova. Peace and democracy in our country will be protected,” the President said. The president noted that the event is also important for Moldova’s European course, as the leaders of the member states will be there, and they will get to know us better. “This is an opportunity for us to show that we are a peace-loving, hard-working and dignified nation that shares European values. It is an honor for all Moldovan citizens, at home and from the diaspora, that Europe is coming to our home. This summit offers an exceptional opportunity to reaffirm our unconditional commitment to the reforms we are undertaking to become a member country of the European Union in the near future,” Sandu said. The President believes that the summit is an investment in Moldova’s future. “All state institutions at all levels understand the value of this event. The success and pride of us Moldovans after the summit depends on the contribution of each of us, all of us. The whole world will have the opportunity to see us as we are: humane, open-minded but principled to the values we believe in, free-thinking and respectful of others, disciplined and confident in the future of our country. We will show that we can be united and courageous at key moments in our history. We have reasons to be proud to host this historic meeting. In Paris, in Vienna, in Warsaw and in Rome, all capitals will soon be discussing the Republic of Moldova. Bulboaca will become the Moldovan locality that will host 50 European presidents and prime ministers. From a grey area and unknown to many, Moldova will become the center of Europe on June 1. Let’s show together that Moldova is a democratic, solid, responsible state, committed to European integration, that Moldova is a beautiful country and the European Union will be richer with Moldova as a member state. We will say it openly on May 21, when all the citizens, gathered in the Great National Assembly Square, will support the European path chosen by our country and a European future for our children. We will say it firmly and confidently to all presidents and prime ministers attending our country on June 1. Moldova has the will and ability to become a strong state, equal in the world, a country able to uphold European values, to participate in the security of the region and to strengthen the entire European Union. Moldovans are heard and respected. We are proud of the place where we were born and we want to be part of the European family. Moldova is on the rise, and everyone will see it,” Sandu said.