Vladislav Kulminski: Russia’s Plan Envisaged Reaching Moldova

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It is important for the Republic of Moldova not to return to the gray zone and stay outside the influence of the Russian Federation. This is the opinion of the former Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Vlad Kulminski. According to him Russia’s plan along with the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 was to reach the Republic of Moldova. The former Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration says the war in Ukraine reconfigures the world map as Russia struggles to maintain its areas of influence. According to Vlad Kulminski, the Republic of Moldova must make every effort to prevent deviation from the European path and remain on the side of the free world. “The first wave was in early 90s, and now we see the second wave, which will be decisive, also for the Republic of Moldova, because the geopolitical space is being reshaped now. New spheres of division, spheres of influence will emerge, and it is extremely important for the Republic of Moldova not to end up where it has been for 30 years. Russia is trying to develop a certain space around itself, a sort of gray zone, a security space that is not controlled by its enemies, not controlled by the West. Both Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova fall into this so-called gray zone or security space. For us, as a state, it is extremely important to realize it and break out of this area of control with our efforts, because if we do not do this, we are up to no good,” Vlad Kulminski said during Puncte de Reflecție (Points for Reflection) live broadcast on the Vocea Basarabiei TV. The ex-Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration noted that Russia still wants to install a cardboard government in Chisinau to block the processes of European integration and keep the Republic of Moldova in the gray zone. “The Republic of Moldova, of course, remains on the Kremlin’s radar and Russia’s plan was actually to get here by the end of February 2022. This was more or less their general idea, so that the whole Republic of Moldova would fall into their sphere of influence, that the government would leave, that it would become a government in exile, somewhere in Bucharest or Brussels, and that the situation in the Republic of Moldova would be controlled by the Russian Federation. Has Russia canceled or revised these plans? No! Only the methods will be different, but the strategic plans will remain the same. Now they cannot achieve this goal with the help of military force thanks to the Ukrainians who fought to the death and actually defended the Republic of Moldova,” added the former Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration. Earlier, President Maia Sandu also noted that Russia does not abandon the idea of seizing power in the Republic of Moldova and uses various hybrid war tools in order to establish obeisant power in Chisinau.