Moldova to Close Its Airspace for the 1 June Summit

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Moldova will close its airspace in connection with the European Political Community summit in Chisinau. “To ensure aviation security, the flights of all civil aircrafts will be banned over the entire airspace of Moldova for a time slot from 00:00 (local time) on 1 June till 2 June at 07:00 (local time), except for service aircrafts. In case of civilian unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), the flight ban will apply from 00:00 May 31 (local time) to 07:00 June 2 (local time),” the authorities said, quoted by The Information and Security Service will carry out activities aimed at identifying, preventing and suppressing actions that threaten the security of the state, society and citizens. The summit of the European political community will be held in Chisinau on 1 June. As many as 47 presidents and heads of government, as well as EU leaders are expected to attend the event. Leaders at the Chisinau meeting will discuss joint efforts for peace in the context of the war in Ukraine and related crises, the protection of democracy, enhanced energy security and resilience of European states.