Andrian Cheptonar: Moldova to Reunite with Romania in 2030 within the EU

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The PAS member Andrian Cheptonar believes that “Moldova will reunite with Romania in 2030 and this will happen within the framework of the European Union.” He also stated that Bucharest offers security guarantees to Chisinau, and the two banks of the Prut cooperate fruitfully. “We have the same culture, the same people. As recently said, we have one people and two ministers of culture, one people and two presidents. Romania and we are integrating into the EU, this is the nearest prospect for the Republic of Moldova. We have to use Romanian support in order to comply with the Community legislation. We adopted the Romanian experience in harmonizing legislation, we have the advantage that many European laws are already translated into Romanian and are easier for the Republic of Moldova to accept, interpret and implement in our legal system, which is slightly different from the Romanian legal system. The main goal is improving cooperation relations with Romania for the European integration process, and, of course, in 2030 the Republic of Moldova will reunite with Romania within the framework of the European Union,” Andrian Cheptonar said. According to him, Romania has been the most important partner of the Republic of Moldova for 30 years. At the same time, Romania, along with other Western allies, is also a very important security provider for our country. “It is important to emphasize that Moldovans are Romanians, and many of them have Romanian nationality, and it has not only the opportunity, but also the obligation to protect its citizens, hundreds of thousands of its citizens living on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. We have certain security guarantees from our partners, including from Romania. In the event of Russian military intervention in our region, we have guarantees that they will not leave us. Together with Romania, we are interested in joint defense of this EU flank. We have a pretty good cooperation in everything that concerns the security system. I want to assure people that our cooperation with Romania is in the mutual interest, but it is especially in the interests of the Republic of Moldova,” the PAS member concluded.