Tiraspol Law Enforcement: Moldova and Ukraine Want to Resolve the Conflict by Force

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“In general, Ukraine and Moldova continue to implement the crisis scenario in relation to Transnistria. Against the backdrop of a hybrid war, the closest neighbors are speculating on the forceful option for resolving the Transnistrian conflict,” rbc.ru quotes Valery Gebos. According to him, “modern realities have intensified the activities of the Transnistrian security agencies.” At the same time, their main tasks have not changed. “This is the fight against extremism, terrorism, the protection of state secrets and national interests.” As previously reported, on May 8, the head of the mission of the unrecognized republic, Leonid Manakov, said that the Transnistrian authorities were asking Russia to increase the number of peacekeepers on the left bank of the Dniester. He clarified that Russia reduced the task force to 450 people, although “their staff strength, established by the documents of the commission, is 3.1 thousand people.” Leonid Manakov also noted that it is necessary to increase the number peacekeepers “due to security risks, including provocations and the terrorist threat.” The Russian Ministry of Defense reported in late February that the Ukrainian military was actively preparing for an invasion of Transnistria. The ministry stated that a significant accumulation of personnel and military equipment was recorded near the border. The Russian Foreign Ministry then stated that in the event of a possible provocation by Kyiv, Moscow would take adequate response measures. Ukraine confirmed the concentration of forces on the border. The authorities stated that their number is adequate to a hypothetical threat from Transnistria. The Moldovan Ministry of Defense reported no direct threats to regional security.