Recean Urges Ministers to Revise Some 400 CIS Agreements

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The cabinet approved the denunciation of another two agreements with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The agreements concern the document on information exchange at the internal borders and on the delivery of goods between the member states. According to the prime minister, in total, we have about 400 agreements signed with the CIS member states. Dorin Recean asked to make an inventory of them, noting that the membership in the Community has not given us much benefit. “Unfortunately, the CIS has not given Moldova much. We could not solve the Transdniestrian conflict, we still have the Russian army in Moldova. We were not protected from the embargo. We had uncertainties in the energy system. The Government is expected to do more analysis in this area. Colleagues, let us make an inventory of these agreements, there are about 400 of them,” the prime minister asked. Earlier, Igor Grosu said that Moldova is leaving the CIS Parliamentary Assembly. He said that all the agreements signed by Moldova within the CIS will be gradually assessed and other decisions will be taken.