Igor Grosu about new Gagauzian leaders: we will not work with bandits

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Commenting on the admission of the elections in Gagauzia, Igor Grosu said that the central authorities would build pragmatic relations with Comrat officials. Igor Grosu emphasized that the region has many honest people to cooperate with. At the same time, the politician said that the Chisinau authorities “will not work with bandits.” “I know a lot of good people from these places who understand how important for us is to be part of a European family. What will our relationship be like in the future? I can say two things. We will be very pragmatic. What do I mean by pragmatism? It is not good to say how much we love European grants and investments, and bow to the Kremlin at night. It is unfair and not ethical, and things like this won’t happen again. We will have a very pragmatic approach,” the chair of the parliament said. Igor Grosu also added that the Chisinau authorities are open to cooperation with honest officials from the autonomy. “We will work with good and honest people, we will not work with bandits. I speak very frankly and openly: we will not work with bandits and with those who unite with bandits and create new coalitions, because we have other, completely different values. The bandits are trying to destabilize the situation in order to save bacon. They have nothing to do with the living conditions of people in the south, other regions, they simply manipulate,” Igor Grosu explained. The chair of the parliament also noted that this region is under the influence of Russian propaganda, and this issue requires an immediate solution. “One thing that needs to be addressed as soon as possible is the Kremlin propaganda. Here we must act without staggering. This is war propaganda, propaganda of the aggressor state, which has a very bad effect on our information security. In this case, we need to act not using inefficient half measures which only postpone the issue, but do not solve it. We, including the Gagauz, want to be part of a peaceful civilized world, as it was announced at the Great National Assembly Square,” Igor Grosu said.