PAS Regime to Mutate into Occupation Administration

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The further, the greater grows the gap between the social demands and the policy of the ruling party, aimed at the destruction of the Moldovan identity and statehood.
Semen ALBU, RTA: Yesterday, fresh results of public sociological snapshot highlighted many interesting points. It’s not a sort of surprise, since the moods of our people are very easy to read, just walk through any crowded place and listen to philistine conversations. Nevertheless, “balanced” outcomes show a very colorful picture of our modern existence. So, people are mostly sure that the country is moving in the wrong direction, they are absolutely not impressed with the so-called “reforms” and a rally on May 21, are dissatisfied with the government actions and evaluates Western assistance as a PR to support the PAS. About half or more note worsening living conditions and see no prospects for themselves, blaming the country’s leadership, they believe that Moldova is moving towards censorship and iniquity. Indeed, the social pessimism has reached unprecedented heights. For any government, such data from opinion polls would become a “cold shower” and a screaming signal that something urgently needs to be changed. But not for our power, which lives in its own fictional world, and whose policy is more and more disconnected from reality and the urgent needs of people. So, when pensioners are counting pennies of their semi-indexed pensions, when people have to deny themselves food in order to pay for extortionate utility tariffs, when enterprises are closed and production is falling, the ruling party ... does not find anything better than to “cancel” Victory Day. Yes, now Moldova is no longer among the winners of fascism, because, according to the authors of this very timely initiative, all these are “ideological interpretations”. The feat of hundreds of thousands of Moldovans who fought in the Soviet troops and tens of thousands of those who died during the Great Patriotic War turned out to be meaningless words for the PAS. Prior to this, the Moldovan language was also considered water under the bridge, which was illegally, bypassing all the rules and procedures, blotted out from the Constitution. Along with the joyful shrieks of our disrespectful MPs and officials, as well as the friendly pats of the older “brothers” from Romania. And a little earlier, the St. George ribbon was banned... The current regime is quite consistent in breaking the Moldovan society, depriving it of history, language, and own identity. It has become much more dangerous, bolder and more unscrupulous than even the regime of the notorious Plahotniuc. In the end, the autocratic oligarch had at least some independence, and also external restrictions, which in most cases stopped him from outright anarchy. Now the situation is much worse. We have a government that, firstly, enjoys the absolute support of the West. Secondly, it has seized control over all spheres of the country, and thirdly, it is not beholden to society at all. Such a catastrophic combination puts our country almost in a hopeless situation, when the only possible substitution of the current ruling team can be only the same, or even worse, forces vassal to the West. Moreover, everyone understands that the unique legitimacy in the eyes of Western partners that Maia Sandu and her entourage enjoy is only a consequence of their completely puppet nature. Moldova is now deprived of independence in foreign policy, obediently following in the direction where it is pointed. Participation in the Russia-West geopolitical conflict, involvement in the war in Ukraine, rupture of traditional economic, energy and diplomatic ties, withdrawal from the CIS, and so on: all this is done without taking into account the real interests of the republic, despite the associated losses for the economy and damage to virtually every national. In the end, everyone felt the “heavier” utility bills. In domestic politics, the regime also limply follows the manual written by the curators, which essence is the speedy rewriting of history and identity, preventing the final transition of Moldova to the Western sphere of influence. In fact, the management of the country has been handed over to external partners, who have entangled the country with a network of advisers, consultants, all kinds of missions and centers. And as long as the PAS does what it is told, of course no one will pay attention to any of its anti-democratic steps. So we should not be surprised now that the current regime has no “feedback” with the people at all. Instead, the “yellows” have mastered and loved the language of force and threats, whereas they prefer to communicate with outraged fellow citizens and the opposition. What’s the point? I mean that our government, for which many people willingly voted a couple of years ago, has finally mutated into an occupation administration that parasitizes on the body of the country. After all, it has almost no internal legitimacy left; it implements policy on the direct instructions of senior partners and contrary to national interests. The entire regime is sitting on Western money, which allows it to support and motivate a staff of guards, i.e. judges, prosecutors, deputies, police, etc., and also sometimes “give some food” to the population in order to prevent a general revolt. Moreover, this money is a heavy burden on Moldova, which is driven by leaps and bounds with external debts into a spiral of bankruptcy. Such is the power not “on bayonets”, but “on loans and high visits” of white masters from the EU. It is not very clear what to do with this matter. The opposition is either crushed or incapacitated, and only those who are outside the country can organize some kind of activity. And even then, their supporters are arrested, crushed by criminal cases, deprived of well-deserved victories in the elections. And all this happens under the slogans of European integration and a brighter future. Which has become, it seems, a completely pipe dream for us.