European Union to increase financial aid to Moldova up to 295 million euros

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The Council of the European Union has decided to double the financial aid to Moldova. Earlier, the EU provided financial assistance to Moldova in the amount of 150 million euros, and now this amount has been increased by 145 million euros. In total, Moldova will receive 295 million euros. This assistance is aimed at supporting the economic stabilization and structural reform program of the Republic of Moldova, complementing the resources provided under the IMF financial mechanism. “Moldova can still count on the EU. We will continue to provide financial support to Moldova. Given the current circumstances, it is appropriate to double the funds we provide to the country,” Swedish Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson said. Out of a total aid of EUR 295 million, the EU will provide up to EUR 220 million in loans and up to EUR 75 million in grants, according to a statement released by the EU Council. The decision will enter into force on the third day following its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. In early May, the European Parliament voted to provide additional macro-financial assistance to Moldova for EUR 145 million. MEP Siegfried Muresan, head of the European Parliament delegation for relations with Moldova, told about this. He stressed that 561 MEPs voted in favor, 43 opposed and 20 abstained. The European Parliament adopted the draft of the European Commission without amendments. According to Muresan, Moldova is an EU candidate state and needs the maximum possible support to continue its European course. In January, the European Commission decided to increase macro-financial aid to the Republic of Moldova by EUR 145 million to help our country cover part of the need for additional financing, ensure macroeconomic stability and new reforms.