Opinion: Sandu’s Regime to Get Main Fulcrum Today

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Holding the Summit of the European Political Community, the EU legitimizes the further undivided rule of Maia Sandu and PAS in Moldova
Semen ALBU, RTA: A famous ancient scientist once said, “Give me a fulcrum, and I will move the Earth.” Our inglorious ruling regime could rewrite this phrase something like this, “Give me a fulcrum, and I will continue to mock Moldova as I want.” The saddest thing is that today it received this fulcrum. The European Political Community Summit is the quintessence of Sandu’s rule, what she has been heading for since the first day of her election and even before. Fifty of the continent’s seniors gathered in Moldova, making it the center of European political life for a couple of days. This is a powerful signal of support, even better than last year’s EU candidate status. It is no coincidence that right before the start of the summit, Maia Sandu, in an interview with the influential Bloomberg, announced that she would run for a second term. Since these two days lay the foundation for the legitimacy of her regime for the coming years. Of course, I’m talking about external legitimacy, which is the only one that matters to the “Yellows”. Our current rulers do not care about our people’s thoughts at all. Nicu Popescu spoke yesterday about the “huge support” for the party in power. And they don’t care that this support doesn’t exist in the real world. If necessary, this support will be drawn in polls and faked in the elections, which is easier to do without free press, real opposition, and with completely controlled state apparatus and the CEC. After all, there is a benevolent attitude of the West, which will not rebuke our presumptuous “leaders”, as it did once with Vlad Plahotniuc. PAS understands what fortune has rained upon their heads, so the preparation of the summit has become the most important thing, relegating all other issues to the background. A barn lock was hung up for life in the country: markets and shopping centers were closed, public transport was redrawn, airspace was closed, people were driven off the streets, and “villeins” in Bulboaca were recommended not keep the brass monkeys in tonight in order not to embarrass the white gentlemen who had come in large numbers. In the meantime, officials enthusiastically and excitedly tell how delicious and elegant the distinguished guests of the summit in Mimi Castle will eat... Total surrealism. The only thing they have been doing lately besides arranging the summit is the traditional destruction of relations with Russia. However, it is an integral part of the preparation and actually the main condition for this summit to be held in Moldova. The authorities in every possible way showed geopolitical devotion, unlike negligent Georgia that dared to put its national interests above European integration - what nonsense! - and did not want to become meat for slaughter in another proxy war. Because Tbilisi is now on the sidelines of European integration, and we are galloping to Europe. It is already obvious that last year Georgia was punished with a refusal to grant candidate status precisely for not joining the sanctions and for real neutral position, unlike Sandu. Despite the fact that our former colleagues in the Associative Trio are more democratic and prosperous than Moldova by most metrics, not to mention the warring Ukraine, which, even in case of victory, would have many challenges. But Maia Sandu made a choice last year, began to break with Moscow, and therefore was showered with favors: praise from the leader of the free world, aka US President Joseph Biden, personal high-level meetings in a number that her predecessors could only dream of. And, of course, many words of support and money. However, mainly on credit, and mainly for the army, geopolitical and energy maneuvers, but nobody said that this government acts for people’s benefit. The main task of the current regime is already obvious – not to develop Moldova, but, despite all the losses, risks and consequences, to mount the republic in the Western sphere of influence at any cost. Only this will allow them to further enjoy all the bonuses from partners, including an “edict” for any travesty of justice under European, and now, apparently, rainbow flag: to establish ministry of propaganda, gagging all dissenters with criminal cases, to build a police state with unlimited powers of the security forces, to constantly violate the constitution and legislation, for example, by not indexing pensions. At the same time, raising the salaries of the judicial and bureaucratic elite. The summit is a symbol of the approval from the West and a starting point in the new chapter of such a “yellow Moldova”. And also a reliable foothold from which the subsequent re-election campaigns of Sandu and PAS will push off. The idea of 2030 European Moldova will receive a very strong boost, and since the declared year of accession to the EU is still very far away, it is possible to feed the people with fables and promises during several election. In the meantime, freedom of opinion, ideologically different parties will be destroyed in the country, and any centers of discontent, such as Gagauzia and the north of the country, will be severely suppressed. And all this to the Western applause, which today expresses full support for the anarchy in Moldova. And responsible EU officials will, as in the past, engage in outright props and fraud. An example was set yesterday by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who at briefing with Sandu deliberately admired how “quickly and efficiently Moldova is moving forward”. She didn’t explain it, but generously sprinkled money on the ruling regime, allocating as much as 1.6 billion euros to develop and strengthen its power to further lead the country at the behest of Brussels and Washington. Fortunately, the delegation of the EU mission will soon be expanded: probably to make vassalage even more vassal and dependent, and to help yellow all thumbs who can do nothing, apart from sawing and grafting. The only thing that, perhaps, upsets our authorities a little, is the decision of Volodymyr Zelenskyy to come to the summit in person. He will beg for “destructive coalition” and demand the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO, which will distract everyone from unbridled praising the regime of Sandu. Well, it’s OK, I think the Western leaders have enough good words for all their puppets.