How Is Moldova Performing in terms of GRECO Recommendations?

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Moldova remains among the few countries which “still have a globally unsatisfactory level of implementation of GRECO recommendations”. This is stated in the report of the authoritative organization, the Group of States against Corruption, created by the Council of Europe in 1999. The experts reminded that at the end of 2022, nine countries were subjected to non-compliance at the end of the fourth round of assessment because of low implementation of GRECO recommendations regarding deputies, judges and prosecutors. They are Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. In subsequent reports adopted in 2023, GRECO concluded that Armenia, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine had implemented its recommendations. However, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, the Republic of Moldova and Poland "still have a globally unsatisfactory level of compliance, as does the Czech Republic. As of June 15, only six countries are subject to GRECO's Round 4 non-compliance assessment procedure: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Moldova, Poland and Turkey. Earlier, in a report dated 19 May, GRECO concluded that Moldova had fully implemented six recommendations (33%). Of the rest, 10 were partially implemented (55.5%) and two remained unimplemented (11%). As a consequence, the low level of compliance with recommendations remains “generally unsatisfactory”. As of December 31, 2022, Finland and Norway were the only two countries that had fully implemented all recommendations for deputies, judges and prosecutors. Lithuania had fully implemented 92% of the recommendations, followed by Albania (90%), Great Britain (88%), Bulgaria (84%), Latvia (81%), and San Marino (77%).