Recean to Agrarians: We Must Assume that the Budget Is Exhausted

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Farmers at a meeting with Prime Minister Dorin Recean demanded subsidies or a “state of emergency” to be able to avoid bankruptcy. “We must assume that the budget is exhausted,” noted Recean, quoted by “We pursue no political objectives, but we need a solution. We are not a flock of sheep that Slusari drives back and forth, as some MPs think. We need a decision, it should not work immediately, but we want to know that the Emergency Committee has taken this decision and that the problem will be solved within one month at most. We need some kind of price predictions; the state should have tools to intervene in crises. The proposal is as follows: assemble a commission and make a decision, or declare a state of emergency in agriculture, so that we can stand up to the banks. We have been taking loans with a deferral period until the harvest, and now all this hassle with prices has started. We sell barley at 2 lei because we have to pay the loans. The Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Service do not want to wait, they count taxes”, the farmer suggested. The negotiations ended without a clear consent. Agrarians requested meeting with the head of state Maia Sandu and parliament speaker Igor Grosu. Meanwhile, the tractors remain on the Great National Assembly Square in front of the government to protest against authorities’ inaction.