Macron Leaves EU Summit over Unrest in France

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French President Emmanuel Macron left the European Council meeting ahead of time to attend a crisis government meeting in Paris after the third night of violent unrest in the country. Macron did not even participate in the press conference that had been scheduled. He also did not answer any questions from journalists during his arrival and departure from the summit on Friday. As a result, Macron will miss talks on migration, relations with China and competitiveness. Unrest in French cities erupted after the police had shot dead a 17-year-old during a roadside check. There are clashes with the police in several French cities, some shops and banks were set on fire and buses toppled. On Thursday night, the French interior minister ordered to deploy 40,000 police officers to quell the third night of unrest. Still, violence broke out in Marseille, Lyon, Pau, Toulouse and Lille, as well as in some parts of Paris, including the working-class suburb of Nanterre, where 17-year-old Algerian and Moroccan by birth Nael M. had been shot dead on Tuesday.