PAS: We Cannot Do in Two Years What We Missed in Three Decades

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The Action and Solidarity Party Chairman mentioned that in the report on the two-year PAS governance. Leaders, MPs and representatives of the formation organized a morning conference in front of the Moldovan Parliament, where they spoke about their achievements, as well as about their failures, Vocea Basarabiei reports. "Two years ago Moldovans defeated the thieves and those who ruined the country. For two years now, Moldova has been on a new path - the path of our accession to the EU. We cannot do in two years what we missed in three decades. However, we want to be a part of the EU by 2030, and we do not want to be hindered on our development path. We are going through the most crucial period in Moldova's history. In 2023, we must irreversibly move forward and start negotiations. We would like to do everything faster, but it is difficult ‘to scrap the mud overnight’. The Kremlin uses its servants in Chisinau and does everything to divide us, make us argue, but we have become more united, stronger and braver," PAS Chairman Igor Grosu said. Grosu also spoke about the Government's recent achievements. "Ilan Șor was finally convicted and must return 5 billion lei to the state. We managed to punish fugitive criminals, thanks to our partners. We managed to outlaw the Șor party. We have stiffer penalties for electoral corruption. We returned the airport to the people," Igor Grosu added. Prime Minister Dorin Recean also gave a report on the Government’s projects. "Crises affect us the most. Last winter we allocated 4 billion lei to pay bills. We have 900,000 beneficiaries. We doubled the minimum pension, increased state employees’ salaries. The Government tripled the minimum wage per economy. We increased pensions by 15 per cent. The Government actions are based on the four pillars proclaimed by Maia Sandu: peace in the country, economic development, infrastructure modernization and a judicial system that delivers justice," Recean said. In the parliamentary elections of July 11, 2021, PAS secured a majority in the Parliament. Currently, the formation is represented by 63 MPs. In addition, most of the Cabinet members are PAS representatives and publicly support the party.