Evghenia Guțul to Take Gagauzia Bașkan office

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The ceremony of assuming the Gagauzia Bașkan office will take place today, 19 July, in the evening in Comrat. The candidate of the recently recognized unconstitutional political party “Șor” Evghenia Guțul will be sworn in at 18:30 at a solemn session in the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia, radiomoldova.md reports. Moldovan President Maia Sandu and Prime Minister Dorin Recean will not attend the new Bașkan inauguration. Representatives of the Presidential administration said: “We confirm that President Maia Sandu will not attend the inauguration”. The PAS press service also said that none of the MPs from the ruling party would attend the event. In addition, it was reported, citing Government spokesman Daniel Vodă, that “participation in the event in Comrat is not on the Prime Minister's public agenda”. Asked how the Prime Minister will cooperate with the Gagauz Bașkan, who is also a member of the Government, Daniel Vodă said that the Prime Minister would cooperate with responsible mayors and authorities who were guided by the citizens' interests. Elections for the Gagauzia Bașkan post took place on 30 April. The run-off saw a contest between candidates Evghenia Guțul and Grigorii Uzun. On 22 May, the Comrat Appeals Court approved the election results, confirming the victory of Evghenia Guțul, despite the violations alleged by law enforcement officers.