Vlah: Extending State of Emergency Will Continue Bandit Auctions

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Gagauzia’s ex-Bașkan commented on the current political situation in Moldova. “As of 3 August, Moldova ‘reintroduces’ the regime of emergency, that has been valid for almost two years. The regime will be worked out in September this year,” enews.md quotes Irina Vlah. “I don’t want to repeat that the Sandu-Spînu-PAS Government is associated in the collective consciousness with inflation, state of emergency, foreign debts, antagonism of the population, shot border guards. What state of emergency is the Government talking about if they are unable to at least ensure the work of strategic state institutions and, most importantly, to prepare the security services for emergencies. The state of emergency extension is simply a continuation of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ politics, bandit auctions, ministers ‘from the slums’ and prosecutors ‘elected in the toilet’, who today make themselves the victims after the publication of education information. Almost three years of Maia Sandu’s mandate and two years of the PAS rule did not bring good people to power, and the promised good times never started. But, let’s leave the slogans behind!” Vlah says. “The PAS cannot govern. It continues to ‘throw smoke screens’, that are usually discussed for 2-3 days; the latest concerns antennas on the roof of the Russian Embassy. We want concrete things - an end to migration, development of industry and agriculture, job creation, higher wages and benefits. Three years were lost due to the post-election ‘games’ in which we had to put up with incompetent, arrogant people, promoted by PAS-Sandu, who have no experience or skills to work in public institutions. The only solution, as I said, is to organize presidential and parliamentary elections synchronously. The PAS-dominated Parliament is unable to form a functional, professional executive and bring us prosperity. Meanwhile, we are witnessing some ‘cuts’ in the legislative framework that allow one to manipulate it and gain control even after the local elections in autumn. I am referring to the mechanism of electing district councils chair. But I will return to this topic later,” the former head of the Gagauz autonomy said. “It is appalling that no one finds the courage to question the relevance of maintaining the state of emergency. Irina Vlah resigned from the Government. There is no one to bother Dorin Recean anymore,” the ex-Bașkan summarized.