National Anti-Corruption Center: ‘Patriot’ Risks Affecting Freedom of Speech

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According to the National Anti-Corruption Center’s analysis, the Centre for Combating Disinformation Act, publicly known as the Patriot Act, risks affecting freedom of speech. As the published document states, a fundamental human right might be violated, reports. The National Anti-Corruption Center experts say there is a risk of increased corruption. At the same time, the published document states that “the information note does not contain a detailed analysis, including an assessment of shortcomings and the identification of clear, rational solutions” and does not mention impacts, including the possible restriction of the right to freedom of speech. The analysis also shows that some wordings regarding the center’s competences are confusing. In particular, the National Anti-Corruption Center refers to the phrase “request and receive data and information”. In conclusion, the National Anti-Corruption Center recommends that several aspects of the law be considered and the Audiovisual Council and the Information and Security Service be consulted.