Two Bridges Connecting Crimea with Kherson Region Were Damaged as a Result of Missile Strikes

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Judging by the images published on social networks, passage across the bridges is impossible or at least seriously hindered. Two bridges connecting Crimea with the mainland were damaged in the Russian-occupied territories on Sunday afternoon as a result of missile strikes carried out by the Ukrainian military. The Russian-appointed Crimean authorities reported this. Afterwards photos and videos of damaged bridge went online. Judging by them, the passage on the bridges is now impossible or at least seriously hindered. The Russian-appointed head of the Kherson regional administration, Vladimir Saldo, first wrote about the damage to the bridge connecting the town of Genichesk in the southern part of the region to the Arabat Spit. Then the Russian head of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, wrote about damage to another bridge, the Chonhar bridge, which connects the Kherson region directly to Crimea. No casualties are reported, Saldo writes about one injured person. The Department of Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the strikes on the Chonhar and Genichesk bridges. The report says that these are two key supply routes for Russian troops. Judging by the published photos and videos, the bridges did not collapse, but the roadbed was seriously damaged. The Chonhar bridge was attacked by Ukraine in late June. The media reported that the strike was carried out by British-made Storm Shadow missiles. Through Chonhar, as the Ukrainian military said at the time, the Russian army provides supplies to the forces occupying the southern territories of Ukraine. After the damage to the two bridges, entry to Crimea from the Kherson region is still possible through two other border crossings. This route is now used more often than before due to the damage to the Crimean bridge. The day before, Russian troops had launched a massive missile strike on Ukrainian territory, including on the Starokonstantinov airfield in the western part of the country. Su-24 aircraft carrying Storm Shadow missiles are based there. The Russian defense ministry said “the objectives of the strike were achieved”, the Ukrainian side did not say anything on the extent of the damage. Russian authorities had previously threatened “strikes on decision-making centers” if Storm Shadow missiles were used to strike Crimea. However, both bridges hit on Sunday are geographically located in the Kherson region.