Romanian Defense Minister Brings Personal Protection Equipment to Chisinau

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Moldovan Defense Minister Anatolie Nosatii met Romanian National Defense Minister Angel Tilvar, who was on an official visit to Moldova on Monday. The ministers participated in a ceremony of receiving a consignment of personal defense equipment from Romania. The consignment contains protective helmets, armored waistcoats and cars. Angel Tilvar approved the openness to further modernize the Moldovan National Army through joint programs and projects implemented in the context of strengthening the partnership between two defense institutions. “Undoubtedly, Romania has been, is and will remain one of the steadfast supporters for our country. The friends from Romania have repeatedly approved their commitment to boost cooperation on the security and defense platform with our country,” Defense Minister Anatolie Nosatii said at the meeting. According to a statement issued by the Moldovan Defense Ministry, “the ministers discussed bilateral cooperation in the defense field, the assistance provided by the Romanian government in the context of the modernization of the National Army and regional security issues. A separate topic was the Defense Ministry’s intention to join, as a full member of the Platform for Politico-Military Dialogue - Regional Initiative of the South-Eastern Europe Defense Ministerial - Coordination Committee (SEDM), given that the chairmanship of the Politico-Military Coordination Committee of the SEDM has been transferred to Romania as of 1 July 2023”. The sides outlined the importance of the expertise provided by the specialists from the Romanian National Defense Ministry’s units to the Moldovan Defense Ministry’s colleagues in the elaboration of strategic documents needed for the efficient functioning of the defense and national security system. We should note that Romanian National Defense Minister Angel Tilvar was on an official visit to Chisinau at the invitation of Moldovan Defense Minister Anatolie Nosatii.