Nosatii: Romania Was, Is and Will Be by Moldova’s Side in the Toughest Scenarios

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In the case of the worst scenario, Moldovan citizens can rely on Romania. This was stated by Defense Minister Anatolie Nosatii during the Open Dialogue show. He claimed that Bucharest offers assistance, including in the military sphere, providing equipment, logistics, as well as in education. “Cooperation with our colleagues from Romania is aimed not only at equipment assistance. The Romanian side has been, is and will be the main supporter of reforms in Moldova, including in the military sphere. The assistance is tangible, first of all, through unconditional support within international institutions, such as the EU, NATO and the UN, where Romania is the main proponent of the ongoing reforms. Over the past years, we have proliferated the assistance in the field of military education and, based on the agreement I signed a year ago, the number of allocated places in higher education institutions has increased considerably. Last year, we carried out 99 trainings, this year we have 158 implemented or under way, and by the end of the year, we hope there will be even more,” Nosatii said. The Defense Minister noted that Bucharest provides Chisinau, among other things, with experience accumulated over the years. “The Romanian army has undergone a complex reorganization reform, which helps us fulfil our desire to modernize the National Army. This is crucial for us, starting from management documents, program documents, military charters, especially since they are written in Romanian, which eliminates the need for translation,” Nosatii said. He outlined that Romania was, is and will be with Moldova in the most difficult situations. “We have already seen this. When we were threatened by the lack of electricity and gas, when we were under pressure from Russia, Romania was the first to come to aid. In case of the worst scenario, our Romanian colleagues will be the first to join us,” Nosatii concluded.