Forța Fermierilor Goes On a New Protest

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Moldovan farmers have again rallied to demand help from the government. The Forța Fermierilor Association says that farmers’ previous appeals have been ignored by the state with their problems never resolved. The farmers arrived in smaller numbers and are waiting outside the government building to speak to Prime Minister Dorin Recean or the Minister of Agriculture. They said they are ready to return to the centre of the capital with tractors, realitatea reports. The agrarians are demanding a moratorium until 31 December 2023 on the payment of debts of micro, small and medium-sized agricultural producers, mainly engaged in the cultivation of grain and oilseeds, both to private creditors and to the state budget, as well as a ban on forced debt collection and bankruptcy proceedings. Besides, the farmers also demand the creation of special customs corridors to export domestic grain and oilseed crops for the summer and autumn period. In June this year, farmers from a number of districts of the country protested again and brought their farming machinery to the capital. More than 200 tractors were parked outside the government building, and on some days they even drove through the capital’s central square.