AFU Liberated Urozhainoie. A Trading Ship Has Left the Port of Odessa for the First Time This Month

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The Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced the capture of the village of Urozhainoie in Donetsk region. Russian troops hit the port infrastructure on the Danube with drones. A “temporary corridor” for trading ships from Odessa has started working - Ukrainian minister. There is fierce fighting on the fronts in Ukraine. The AFU headquarters reported on the offensive operations in the southern direction and in the area of Bakhmut, as well as the repelling of Russian attacks near Kupiansk. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry confirmed the capture of the village of Urozhainoie during the counteroffensive in Donetsk region. It opens the way for the AFU to Berdiansk and Mariupol captured by Russia. “Urozhainoie has been liberated. Our defenders are getting foothold on the borders. Offensive actions continue,” deputy head of the department Anna Maliar wrote in Telegram. The village is located just over 90 km from the Sea of Azov, near Staromlinivka, which, according to military experts, is a key point of Russian defense. Earlier, the AFU recaptured Staromaiorskoie. “Shahed” drones over the Danube Ukraine blamed Russia for another round of attacks on export infrastructure in the Odessa region. On Wednesday, according to the head of the southern Ukrainian region, “Shahed” drones attacked warehouses and granaries, there were hits on the port of Reni on the Danube. “The resulting fires were promptly liquidated by the employees of the State Emergency Service,” said Oleg Kiper. The official added that the Ukrainian air force “destroyed” 11 Russian drones. No casualties or injuries were reported. Later, the Ukrainian Headquarter reported 13 downed Shahed drones “within the Odessa and Mykolaiv regions.” “I strongly condemn the Russian attacks on innocent people and civilian infrastructure, including grain elevators in the Ukrainian ports of Reni and Izmail, the foreign minister of neighboring Romania commented on the overnight attack. - By violating international law, Russia continues to threaten food security and navigation in the Black Sea”. A trade corridor from Odessa has started working A trading ship has left the port of Odessa for the first time this month through a “temporary corridor”. As the Minister for Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov writes in Facebook, the trading vessel under the flag of Hong Kong “is heading for the Bosporus”. There are more than 30 thousand tons of cargo, including food, on its board. Kyiv says that “temporary routes for civilian vessel traffic” to or from Ukraine’s Black Sea seaports have started working since 8 August. Russian military fighting UAVs Moscow says the Russian military has shot down 3 Ukrainian drones in the skies over the Kaluga region. The Defense Ministry said there were no casualties or damage as a result of the attack. It is at least the 5th time that Russia claims to have shot down drones in a region that does not border Ukraine. Later, the ministry also reported the “shootdown” of the drone in annexed Crimea.