Kosovo Joins G7 Declaration of Support for Ukraine

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The Republic of Kosovo has joined the G7 declaration of support for Ukraine adopted on the margins of the NATO Summit in Vilnius, which is conditionally called the declaration on “security guarantees”. This was announced by Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti. He emphasized that securing Ukraine’s victory and holding Russian leaders accountable for their crimes “are important for the preservation of peace and democracy”. “Kosovo is ready to contribute to these efforts,” Kurti summarized. In a statement, Kosovo’s prime minister said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine remains a threat to international peace and security and that Ukraine’s losses in the war “have been catastrophic.” “We are grateful to the Ukrainians for their brave resistance in defense of our shared values, including democracy, human rights and global peace and stability. We express our deep sympathy and condolences for their loss and suffering,” Kurti added. He also noted that the consequences of this war have already spread far beyond Ukrainian borders, as in an attempt to divert attention from its aggression Russia tries to destabilize the western Balkans “with the help of its main autocratic allies in the region”. Kosovo declared independence in 2008, and Serbia considers the region its territory. Kosovo’s independence is recognized by half of the UN member states, including the US and majority of EU and NATO countries. At the same time, Ukraine does not recognize Kosovo’s independence. As is known, the G7 countries agreed a framework document on “security guarantees” for Ukraine at the NATO Summit in Vilnius. The leaders did not agree on specific details of the “security guarantees”, but on their framework, while specific bilateral agreements will be signed later. As of now, 25 states have already joined the G7 declaration on long-term security guarantees for Ukraine. In addition, during August, Ukraine started security guarantees talks with the USA and the UK.