FT: NATO to Practice the Scenario of Russia’s Invasion of Europe

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NATO is going to hold a large-scale military training “Resilient Defender” in spring 2024, the British newspaper Financial Times (FT) reports. According to the newspaper, during the training, which will be the largest since the Cold War, NATO forces will work out the scenario of “an attack from Russia.” As the FT notes with reference to its own sources, the training will be held in Germany, Poland and the Baltic States in February and March next year. According to preliminary plans, the military from 31 NATO countries, as well as representatives of the Swedish army, which has not yet officially joined the Alliance should take part in training. The purpose of the training is “to work out an attempt to repel Russian aggression against one of the NATO countries”. The FT writes that the exercise should demonstrate the readiness of the alliance countries’ armed forces to a potential military conflict with Russia. Sources of the British newspaper explained that the exercise may involve about 41 thousand military personnel and at least 50 ships. The NATO military will make 500-700 combat sorties during the training, the FT sources added. The NATO leadership has not yet officially confirmed the information about the “Resilient Defender” training to journalists.