Grosu on the SCM: We Need to Mobilize and Promote the Best Judges

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Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu said that the government is making efforts to implement the promised reforms, but in some areas, it faces the system’s stiffness that does not allow to reform itself. According to the Parliament Speaker, the government requires new members of the SCM to promote professional and honest judges and penalize those who make illegal decisions. “It is the start. It is good that they are proactive. We have had discussions with members of the SCM, it is the first time we have spoken to this institution. They revealed to us their concerns. It is on the issue of salaries of judges and court clerks. I told them that we need to mobilize and promote the best judges should. And those who make wrong decisions should be removed with the means we have. Everything must be by law. We have perpetual cases, I asked them what needs to be changed in the legislative framework so that these endless situations do not happen anymore,” Grosu said during the programme “Cutia Neagră” on TV8. Las week the parliament appointed 2 more members of the SCM - Lucia Popescu and Iulian Muntean to ensure the full operation of the Superior Council of Magistracy. According to the law, the Superior Council of Magistracy consists of 12 members. Six of them, who are not judges, are appointed by the votes of three-fifths of the elected deputies in the parliament.