Podolyak: The UN Is a Lobbyist Office for Money-Making

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He said this during an interview with the Vlast vs Vlashchenko YouTube channel. Mykhaylo Podolyak is convinced that Ukraine won’t get any significant decisions from the UN in the context of the war. “We will not get from them clear positions, clear assessments, the desire to conduct a legal struggle with the Russian Federation and the refusal of their own meaninglessness,” Podolyak outlined. In addition, the adviser to the head of Office of the President of Ukraine is convinced that the UN no longer fulfils its original duties, but has turned into a “money-making office”. “In fact, the UN is quite defective organization. I would say, it is a PR or lobbying office for making money in favor of people who occupy certain senior positions,” he said. Podolyak also assured that the UN, as well as other international institutions will always cause negative emotions, and the very fact of their existence sometimes complicates and delays the processes. “The UN will always cause negative emotions, just like any other international institution. The IAEA, the ICRC, Amnesty International are fictitious organizations that clog our mind with absolutely useless assessments. If there were no such organizations, we would probably solve many issues better and faster,” he stressed. In early September this year, the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine said that it had not yet confirmed the fact of genocide in the country due to “insufficient evidence”. In the summer of 2022, the international human rights movement Amnesty International released a report noting that the AFU was allegedly endangering civilians: the location of the Ukrainian military in residential areas attracted fire from Russians. The report caused outrage because of the responsibility’s equating between the aggrieved and the assailant. There have been numerous resignations in the organization. The head of Amnesty International’s Ukrainian office, Oksana Pokalchuk, resigned too. Later, Amnesty International recognized its report as erroneous.