Gagauzia Approves the Composition of the New Executive Committee

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Gagauzia has approved the composition of the new Executive Committee, which was proposed by Evghenia Gutul, the autonomy’s bashkan. This proposal was supported by 20 PAG deputies, 7 voted against it, and 4 abstained. Gagauz Bashkan Evghenia Gutul thanked the deputies, stressing that she will justify their trust and intends to “work together” with them in their constituencies. PAG deputy Ilia Uzun became the first deputy bashkan of Gagauzia, while PAG deputy Victor Petrov became the second deputy bashkan. The new Executive Committee of Gagauzia also includes: Pavel Tulba - head of the bashkan’s and Executive Committee’s affairs department; Larisa Chervei - head of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism of Gagauzia; Anna Peeva - head of Gagauz Finance Department; Anastasia Ciolak - head of the Department of External Relations of Gagauzia; Serghei Ibrisim - head of Gagauz Agro-Industrial Complex Department; Edgar Dimov - head of the Health and Social Protection Department of Gagauzia; Natalia Cristeva - head of the Education Department of Gagauzia; Veaceslav Dragoi - head of the Department of Youth and Sport of Gagauzia; Marina Semenova - head of the Culture Department of Gagauzia; Ivanna Avramova - head of the Tax Administration Department of Gagauzia; Vadim Ceban - chairman of the Comrat district; Natalia Soseva - chairman of Ceadir-Lunga district; Petru Ceban - chairman of the Vulcanesti district. Later, the People’s Assembly will also have to approve the head of the Gagauz Interior Department, the head of the Information and Security Service Department of Gagauzia and the head of the Gagauz Construction and Infrastructure Department. As explained by PAG chairman Dmitrii Constantinov, the heads of these departments were not included in the initial composition of the Executive Committee, as their candidacies should be approved after agreement with the central authorities. At the same meeting, 23 MPs voted in favor of the dismissal of the former Executive Committee under Irina Vlah.