Ten Candidates for Capital’s Mayor Post Officially Registered

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The first 10 candidates for Chisinau general mayor position were registered by the Chisinau Municipal District Electoral Council. At the same time, the League of Cities and Communes, which nominated Mihail Bagas, withdrew his dossier. Council chairperson Viorica Gadîmba told IPN that the 10 registered candidates are those who submitted their documents on the first day, September, 19. The candidates are: Vasile Costiuc - from the Democracy at Home party, Ruslan Codreanu - from the Ruslan Codreanu electoral bloc, Constantin Butucel - from the Building Europe at Home party, Ion Ștefăniță - from the Respect Moldova movement, Diana Caraman - from the Communist party, Lilian Carp - from the Action and Solidarity Party, Anatol Usatîi - from the Party of Moldova’s Development and Consolidation, Vadim Brînzaniuc - from the European Social Democratic Party, Ion Bulgac - from the Coalition for Unity and Welfare and Adrian Albu - from the Socialist Party. Viorica Gadîmba said that the day before the League of Cities and Communes had submitted an application for Mihail Bagas recall. The Council considered it and decided to satisfy the application. Accordingly, the provisional voting order was adjusted. The Council still has to decide on the registration of Mihail Poleanschi from the |Civil Congress party and Victor Chironda from the Platform Dignity and Truth”party, who submitted their documents on September, 20. It will also consider the case of Oleg Burlacu, nominated by the Liberal Democratic Party, who submitted his documents on Tuesday. Candidates for Chisinau General Mayor position and for the position of Chisinau Municipal Council Councilor can submit their documents until 6 October inclusive. The submitted documents will be examined by the District Electoral Council within 7 days from the day of their receipt. On 5 November, 898 mayors and 11,058 local councilors will be elected. The election campaign will start on 6 October.