Missile’s Fragments Found in the Anenii Noi Lake

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Missile’s fragments have been found in a lake near the village of Hirbovat, Anenii Noi district. Today the Interior Ministry confirmed the information. Yesterday, law enforcement officers and sappers went to the scene. According to the police, the suspicious objects were discovered by the owner of the lake. He immediately called the emergency services. Part of the lake was drained near the shore to thoroughly check the bottom. Experts say the explosive part of the missile, which poses the greatest danger, may be at the bottom of the lake. Experts are now identifying the type of rocket and its possible place of origin. Sappers from the Bombteh task force are analyzing the possibilities of safely retrieving the debris. For this purpose, the explosive part at the bottom of the lake has yet to be found. The area near the site of the incident has been cordoned off. Interior Minister Adrian Efros has also arrived at the place. The authorities note that there is no danger to the inhabitants of the neighboring settlements. On 25 September, during a Russian attack on Odesa Region, debris from a rocket fell in Chitcani village, controlled by Tiraspol. According to statements by the authorities on the left bank, the missile in question was a S-300 missile. Its warhead fell into the vegetable garden, partially went into the ground, but did not explode. The origin of the missile has not been established yet. Chisinau announced that it had sent observers to the site, but did not officially comment on the type of the missile.