Moldova to Announce General Attorney Post Contest

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A contest for the General Attorney post may be announced in the next two weeks, Moldovan Justice Minister Veronica Mihailov-Moraru says. She also stresses that the new General Attorney is to be appointed no later than January 2024. Mihailov-Moraru noted the need to adjust the Regulation on the Election of the General Attorney regarding the Law on Prosecutor’s Office changes. According to the minister, after the announcement of the contest, there will be a deadline for submitting dossiers, which will be about 30 days. Then, preliminary selections and checks of candidates for the General Attorney post will be conducted. Former General Attorney Alexandru Stoianoglo was dismissed on 26 September by a decision of the Supreme Council of Prosecutors after his work had been assessed as “unsatisfactory”. This assessment, according to the law, could have been the reason for dismissal. On 5 October 2021, Alexandru Stoianoglo was arrested on charges of various crimes such as: passive bribery, perjury and abuse of office. He was later charged with unlawful enrichment. Alexandru Stoianoglo has always denied his guilt and his lawyers have filed complaints with the European Court of Human Rights.